Before you travel

Savings and safety tips.

Traveling can be a bliss but can become a nightmare with no prior planning. These inside scoops can help you have a no stress, happy, and fantastic travel experience.

When selecting your hotel look for one that offers free breakfast, this is a plus.

Make sure to call your hotel and see if it offers a free shuttle from the airport to your hotel.

Research restaurants, you don’t want to look for a restaurant last minute, you could end up paying too much. For example, when visiting Las Vegas, it’s best to go one block away from the Strip, there are great restaurants at affordable prices.

Always keep in mind that you’ll always find better prices for restaurants away from tourist attractions anywhere.

Don’t forget to always read the reviews.

Transportation, renting a car might be tempting, but in some of my travels taking public transportation has proven to be more beneficial and saved me a lot of money.

Of course it depends on your destination.

Always do your research before traveling ,

For my family and I it was worth it when vacationing in:

New York City

Las Vegas

San Francisco

Barcelona, Spain

Oahu, Hawaii

Cancun, Mexico

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

We used public transportation.

Purchase your public transportation tickets online before you travel, trust me, it will save you a hassle including tourist attractions that you may be interested in visiting, don’t wait till you get there it may be sold out!

For example, in Alcatraz, San Francisco I recommend to buy your tickets one week in advance. Popular attractions typically sell out in one day.

Try these great websites to buy your tickets for transportation and tourist attractions tours and excursions. These are some of my favorites!

OK more travel tips.

Weeks before your travel start checking the weather this will help with over packing.

Depending on your destination, look for affordable shops if in case you forgot to pack something. H&M and Walmart are great shops that I advise checking out as they sell clothes as well as other merchandise.

I might add that Walmart is a great store to buy souvenirs especially t-shirts.

Use these travel online guides before traveling, to have a better sense of the locations nearby:


google earth


mapQuest  is a great tool for making a decision to walk or take public transportation or rent-A-Car.

Google earth is a great tool to see destinations as if you are there, you’ll get to see the streets and everything else.

Using YouTube and searching the destination your traveling to will give you an insight from other people who have been there via video. There are avid travelers who love to upload videos on destinations giving their opinions and insight.

This has been a great tool when my family and I decided to take public transportation in Barcelona, Spain and Hawaii.

I hope this was helpful, save travels!

A well planned trip is a fun trip!

Thank you for reading

-Linda Elizabeth

Reply if you have any questions