Before you travel

Savings and safety tips.✅

When selecting  your hotel look for one that offers free breakfast this is a big savings.

Also call your hotel and see if they offer a free shuttle from the airport to your hotel.

Research restaurants ,you don’t want to look for a restaurant last minute you could end up paying too much, specially when you’re hungry when visiting Las Vegas  try going one block away from the strip,

one block away from the Las Vegas strip was a great find great prices good restaurants. 

You’ll always find better prices for restaurants away from tourist attractions. 

don’t forget to always read the reviews.

Transportation,taking public transportation is better than renting a car?

In some of our travels it was a big savings.

Of course it depends on your destination

Always do your research before traveling ,

for us yes it was worth it when vacationing in

New York City ,Las Vegas San Francisco,Barcelona Spain,Oahu Hawaii,Cancun Mexico,Myrtle Beach.

We used public transportation.

Purchase your public transportation tickets on online before you travel .

Also tourist attractions that you may be interested in visiting don’t wait till you get there it may be sold out. 

Alcatraz in San Francisco I recommend to buy your tickets before visiting attractions that are very popular and typically sell out in one day.

Try these great websites to buy your tickets for transportation and tourist attractions . 

These are some of my favorites

Go to get your guide
Go city City pass Smart destination

OK more travel tips

When packing don’t forget your comfortable shoes,

weeks before start checking the weather this will help with over packing.

Depending on your destination there’s an H&M or Walmart in case you forgot to pack something .

Walmart is a great store to buy souvenirs especially T-shirts

Use these travel tips before traveling.


google earth


mapQuest a great tool for making a decision to walk or take public transportation or rent-A-Car .

Google earth is a great tool to visualize destinations sidewalks and streets .


Using YouTube is a great tool before visiting any destinations 

Enter your destination to YouTube and don’t worry somebody already uploaded a video  all over the world.

This is a great tool when we decided to take public transportation in Barcelona Spain and Hawaii 

Buy your tickets for public transportation before traveling.

Okay I hope this was helpful

Safe travels

A well planned trip is a fun trip!

Thank you Reading. Lin 

Reply if you have any questions😊

Travel encyclopedia

The secret of getting pretty much anything that you focus on is taking action

when I first heard this I was a little confused what do you mean taking action well basically it means that if there’s something that you are wanting then you physically have to take action

like example let’s say you’re wishing on winning the lottery you go to bed at night thinking I want to win the lottery you wake up in the morning thinking the same thing finally until you give up and you say to yourself this isn’t working I’m focusing I’m thinking about winning the lottery and I never win anything

A lottery ticket is not going to appear until you physically get up go to the store gas station wherever they sell lottery tickets and physically buy one that’s taking action

and then you take it a step further and you start focusing on a dollar amount because if you just focus on winning the lottery you will win the lottery but it won’t be the dollar amount that you were hoping for

so instead of saying or thinking about just winning the lottery you have to think about the dollar amount and see it In your imagination see it in your bank account see that dollar amount that you are needing

that’s how it works so it’s important for you to focus for what you’re wanting but it won’t happen unless you take action


Focusing on something more is probably one of my favorite things to do

it’s not an easy thing to do but it will change on how you purchased anything how you travel

Let’s start from the time you go to bed till the time you wake up in the morning as soon as you’re awake you open your eyes thoughts are pouring into your head constantly thinking of your next step if you take just one minute to think about where do you want to travel or how much money you want or what kind of clothes do you wanna wear or what kind of job you would rather have if you take one minute and think about that just one thing trust me it will change your life